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Tony Toscano


 Tony Toscano is a nationally recognized movie critic and film historian who has been reviewing films for over 4 decades. Tony grew up in Southern California, just outside Los Angeles.

While attending Jr. High School, Toscano began writing a weekly movie review column for his school paper.

Directly because of his weekly column, Tony was asked to write a film review column for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Always interested in television and film, it’s no surprise Tony's first job was a disc jockey at his hometown radio station and began to review films and interview celebrities as a regular feature of his radio show and “Talking Pictures” was born.

Moving from LA to Utah to co-host a morning radio show on Utah's KABE FM 107, his film reviews were heard once a week and became a staple of the popular morning program.

Toscano began taking live calls from listeners and discussing current movies.   

In 1996 Tony made the jump from radio and newspapers to television as the film critic on CBS in Salt Lake City, and then to KJZZ TV where he hosted the popular "Movie Review Show" and then his own production, "Talking Pictures."

In 2002 Tony was honored with his first Emmy Award (R) for his program. In 2007 Toscano received his 2nd Emmy.

Taking his award winning program coast to coast, Toscano has been able to syndicate Talking Pictures to over 65 million households around the USA and in nearly 120 countries worldwide.

In May of 2008 “Talking Pictures” moved to ABC-4 and Utah’s CW-30.

Toscano is also the film reviewer and entertainment guru for ABC-4’s “Good Morning Utah" and “Midday."

Additionally Toscano is heard on a number of radio stations across the US, including the high rated “Morning Zoo with Frankie and Jess” on 97.1 ZHT in Salt Lake City, where his reviews have been heard for nearly 2 decades.

His fellow reviewers regard Tony as "one of the country’s best celebrity interviewers." As his in-depth conversations with such notable stars as George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Angelina Jolie, Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow and Denzel Washington show a different and more relaxed side of celebrities.

In 2006 Toscano co-hosted the acclaimed series “Hot Topics” for Atlanta’s ABC affiliate WSB TV.

Working with Utah students in apprenticeships and internship programs, Tony is instrumental in instructing qualified and deserving students in the art of television production.   

Tony Toscano is member in good standing of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA), a former board member of the Salt Lake City Film Center and the founder of the Utah Film Critics Society.

When not previewing, reviewing or interviewing Tony can be found somewhere in the mountains of Utah stream fishing or at his BBQ. 

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Email Tony: tony@talkingpictures.tv

Europe Daines


Europe Daines is a singer / songwriter and actress. 

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Europe discovered at an early age she had a love for music and an incredible voice.

Performing all over the country, Europe has made quite a name for herself in the world of independent music.

Europe also is model and actress whose face has graced magazines and TV ads.

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